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    Trump: 'I would not be happy' if North Korea conducts nuclear test

    Story Source President Trump on Saturday said that he “would not be happy” if North Korea conducts another weapons test, adding that his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping would likely share that sentiment. “I would not be happy,” Trump said in a CBS interview for Sunday’s “Face the Nation.” “If he does a nuclear test, […]

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    Trump tweets on day 100: Media ignoring 'great optimism'

    Story Source President Trump on Saturday tore into the “FAKE” media’s coverage of his first 100 days in office, accusing news organizations of ignoring the “great optimism” surrounding his administration. “Mainstream (FAKE) media refuses to state our long list of achievements, including 28 legislative signings, strong borders & great optimism!” Trump wrote on Twitter. Mainstream […]

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    This Surgeon Just Transplanted a Second Head to a Rat — Are Humans Next?

    Story Source The world’s first head transplant just happened. Sergio Canavero, an Italian neurosurgeon who made news in 2013 with his bold proposal of conducting the world’s first head transplant, revealed that he has given a second head to a rat. Back in 2013 when Canavero announced his intent to conduct a full head transplant […]

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    Global order rests on the US-China relationship

    Story Source With much fanfare President Trump welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to his Florida retreat for face-to-face meetings a few weeks ago. According to press accounts, Trump was eager to press Beijing to curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and martial spirit. But there was more there than meets the eye. For one thing, the […]

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    NOAA Probes Unusually High Number of Dead Humpback Whales Along Atlantic Coast

    Story Source The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has initiated a federal probe to investigate the unusually high number of dead humpback whales washing along the Atlantic coast, from Maine through North Carolina. Due to these deaths, NOAA has declared an unusual mortality event (UME). The Marine Mammal Protection Act defines UME as “a […]

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    Trump touts praise from Lou Dobbs on Twitter

    Story Source President Trump took to Twitter late Friday to tout praise he received from Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, thanking the pundit who earlier this week called Trump “pretty close to perfect.” “.@LouDobbs just stated that ‘President Trump’s successes are unmatched in recent presidential history’ Thank you Lou!” Trump wrote.  .@LouDobbs just stated that “President Trump’s […]

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    Trump to sign order on trade deals in Pa. Saturday

    Story Source President Trump on Saturday will sign an executive order calling for his administration to analyze trade deals to look for abuses, Reuters reported Friday. Trump will sign the order in Hampden, Pa., at the Ames True Temper Tool Company, according to WFMZ-TV. The signing comes as Trump marks his 100th day in office with a rally Saturday […]

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    MiB: Meir Statman on Finance for Normal People

    Story Source This week on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we sit down with Meir Statman, Santa Clara University Professor of Finance, and author of What Investors Really Want: Know What Drives Investor Behavior and his latest book, Finance for Normal People: How Investors and Markets Behave. What he does so well is to contextualize the development of behavioral […]

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