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    Why the next billboard is a flying drone

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Advertising seems to have made its way into every place you look—from magazines, to TV screens, to Hulu streams, to Facebook feeds. Now, advertising may have found a new place to reach you: The sky. Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo recently unveiled what it calls the world’s first spherical drone display, created […]

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    Is the Nasdaq Topping Out?

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Pulling the Nasdaq in Their WakeStocks with the heaviest index weightings accounted for most of the gains* The Nasdaq Composite Index, which contains some of the biggest names in tech, hit a milestone this week, crossing 6,000 for the first time. Year-to-date, the Nasdaq has gained almost 12 percent, while the Standard & Poor’s […]

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    How managers can advocate for top talent

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Image: iStock/Ivanko_Brnjakovic LinkedIn reports that, in 2017, 58% of U.S. recruitment firms are experiencing major challenges with talent acquisition. In this battle for talent, CEOs and chief HR officers discuss “competitive edge” factors for recruitment like an attractive company culture, but on a daily basis, these individuals are far too removed from company […]

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    How to commit changes to a Docker image

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Image: Jack Wallen One way your company can take advantage of Docker containers is by creating template images to be used for your containers. Say, for instance, you use containers for development purposes and want to ensure that all deployed containers start out with the same basic tools. You could pull down an […]

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    Fatal fentanyl overdose data lacking from across Canada, federal health minister says

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott says she’s aiming to release statistics on overdose deaths in Canada but is frustrated with provinces and territories that haven’t provided data in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis. Philpott said Health Canada has been working with a special advisory committee that includes medical health officers […]

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    Developers: Want to make serious money? Don't work for a startup

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Image: iStockphoto/cmexonat Silicon Valley is fueled by the myth that startups are the road to riches. While startups remain “the only way to get 20 years of experience in five,” as popular blogger Parker Thompson (aka Startup L. Jackson) has written, “don’t join a startup for the [!%!%%] money,” he warned. For filthy […]

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    Report: Cyberespionage now most popular form of cybercrime in many industries

    [thrive_leads id=’49279′] Image: iStockphoto/a_Taiga The most common type of cybersecurity attack occurring in industries such as manufacturing, the public sector, and education, is cyberespionage according the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, released Thursday. More about IT Security For those unfamiliar with the term, cyberespionage takes place when an attacker gains unauthorized entry to a […]

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