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    NOAA Investigates Mysterious Mass Death of 41 Humpback Whales in the Atlantic

    Story Source The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is currently probing an “unusual mortality event” on the number of humpback whale deaths. In the past 15 months, NOAA has reported 41 humpback whales deaths from North Carolina to Maine along the Atlantic coast. NOAA has conducted a full necropsy examination on 20 humpback whales. […]

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    Trump 'disappointed' in congressional GOP

    Story Source President Trump says he is “disappointed” in the Republican-controlled Congress for how it has handled his major legislative priorities, including a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  “I’m disappointed,” Trump told Fox News in response to a question about whether he was disappointed with how Republicans had handled big issues such as healthcare. […]

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    Trump in campaign mode at NRA convention

    Story Source President Trump’s Friday speech to the National Rifle Association served as a homecoming to thank the group for standing by him through his campaign — and to keep his campaign going into 2020.  And Trump touted Republican candidate Karen Handel, who is running in a closely watched June runoff election to fill a suburban Atlanta […]

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    Trump promises border wall still coming at NRA summit

    Story Source President Trump on Friday reaffirmed his commitment to building a massive border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, touting his early success in stymying illegal border crossings. “We will build the wall, no matter how low this number gets or how high. Don’t even think about it,” Trump said at the National Rifle […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 users report phone randomly restarting, no clear fix yet

    Story Source Reports of random reboots have started trickling into the XDA Developers forums and Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 forum. The restarts are happening at random times on multiple carriers and with both S8 and S8+ devices. Recommendations for how to fix the issue have been numerous: Remove the SD card, move installed apps to […]

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    How to give an important presentation with confidence

    Story Source Image: iStock/dolgachov We’ve all felt the fluttering butterflies in our stomach when the time comes to present to an individual or group several levels above us in the organization. These men and women may have significant power within the organization, longer tenures, and fancier credentials, making the prospect of a meeting intimidating. While […]

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    Animal Poop Science: Mammals Take 12 Seconds to Poo — Here's Why

    Story Source By Jess F. Apr 28, 2017 02:27 PM EDT Apparently, there’s more to mammals and their pooping behavior than what people already know about. Experts say it takes an average of 12 seconds for mammals to poop because it saves them from predators. According to studies, mammals take 12 seconds to poop regardless […]

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    TSA taps Accenture for DevOps to make apps more agile

    Story Source Image: iStockphoto/martince2 The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to modernize its business applications, and it has chosen professional services firm Accenture to lead the makeover. Per the partnership, Accenture Federal Services (AFS) will help the TSA enhance and maintain more than 70 enterprise applications. To meet the goals of the $64 million contract, […]

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    Lower Your Cholesterol: Eat Right

    We are raising an obese society, with super-sizing everything that we eat, especially in fast food chains, we are slowly clogging our arteries with unnecessary fats and cholesterol that our bodies do not actually need and cannot use. The result is of course a society that is pestered with different kinds of cholesterol complications such […]

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