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    Google Attribution Aims To Link Offline Purchases to Online Ads

    Story Source Machine learning can help marketers better track the success of their ads, whether customers ultimately end up buying online or off, thanks to a new tool unveiled by Google yesterday. However, consumer and privacy advocates are expressing concern about the potential implications of Google’s ever-expanding ability to understand user behavior from first search […]

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    Microsoft Said To Buy Cyberecurity Firm Hexadite for $100 Million

    Story Source Redmond may not be saying anything, but reports indicate that Microsoft has agreed to buy Israeli cybersecurity company Hexadite for around $100 million. Hexadite uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and address small-scale network attacks, a frequent problem for many large enterprises. Although nothing is official yet, the deal could be announced within […]

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    Qualcomm Showcases Electric Vehicle Charging on the Fly

    Story Source The Holy Grail for electric vehicles is to someday be able to wirelessly re-charge batteries on the fly, rather than having to stop, plug in and wait hours before hitting the road again. Wireless charging on the go is still an unproven technology. But last week, San Diego’s Qualcomm demonstrated its vision of […]

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    Computer Beats Chinese Champion in Ancient Board Game of Go

    Story Source A computer defeated China’s top player of the ancient board game go on Tuesday, earning praise that it might have finally surpassed human abilities in one of the last games machines have yet to dominate. Google’s AlphaGo won the first of three planned games this week against Ke Jie, a 19-year-old prodigy, in […]

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    Barrons: Who’s Afraid of Amazon? 9 Surprising Retail Winners

    Story Source Interesting, from Barron’s: Creative destruction has defined the retailing business since the moment after its birth. Today it bears the face of Jeffrey Bezos and the name, the internet-based retailer Bezos founded in 1994 that changed the way America shops, and even lives. As Amazon has grown into a behemoth, traditional retailers […]

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    Budgeting Basics Part IV: Optimize Your Spending Habits

    While making your list of monthly expenses you likely made some very shocking discoveries. Were you spending more money each month than you thought? Do not worry if you were because this is quite common. Now that you have come to this realization it is time for you to begin thinking about if certain changes […]

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    Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital Plans for Major Expansion

    Story Source MIDLAND, Mich., May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — MidMichigan Health has announced a $57 million construction project of which $30 million is dedicated to a new Heart and Vascular Center on the campus of MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland. Recently named one of the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by Truven Health AnalyticsTM, the […]

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