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    Can a tracking system for peer reviewers help stop fakes?

    Story Source Andrew Preston Credit: Victoria University of Wellington The problem of fake peer reviews never seems to end — although the research community has known about it since 2014, publishers are still discovering new cases. In April, one journal alone retracted 107 papers after discovering the review process had been compromised. By tracking individual reviewers’ […]

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    Former prof fudged dozens of images, says university

    Story Source The emailer was alleging several problems in a 2012 paper in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, co-authored by one of its high-profile faculty members. Lakin discussed the allegations with some administrators and agreed they had merit; Lakin sequestered an author’s laptop and other materials. Over the next few months, the university learned of […]

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    Ohio State exercise researcher resigns after retraction of CrossFit study

    Story SourceThe senior author of a lawsuit-spawning study of the CrossFit exercise program has resigned from his post at The Ohio State University. On June 2, we reported that the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research retracted the problematic study because it lacked approval from the institutional review board. The journal had previously corrected the […]

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    Italy rebuked for failure to prevent olive-tree tragedy

    Story Source Antonio Sorrentino/LUZ/eyevine Ancient olive trees in southern Italy are being destroyed by a bacterial disease. A vicious pathogen that is destroying historic olive groves in Puglia, southern Italy, is marching north and threatens to reach the rest of Europe. Yet Italian authorities last year failed to track the infection’s spread, and didn’t follow […]

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    The mathematicians who want to save democracy

    Story Source Jay Baker/CC BY 2.0 Legal battles over the precise borders of voting districts in the United States are common. Leaning back in his chair, Jonathan Mattingly swings his legs up onto his desk, presses a key on his laptop and changes the results of the 2012 elections in North Carolina. On the screen, […]

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    NASA’s dark-energy probe faces cost crisis

    Story Source NASA GSFC/CI Lab An illustration of the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope, which is scheduled to launch in 2025. NASA’s next major space observatory is meant to tackle some of the biggest questions in astronomy when it launches in 2025 — including what exoplanets look like and how dark energy is driving the Universe’s […]

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    Romania’s science reforms prompt boycott

    Story Source Sean Gallup/Getty Romanian institutions such as the University of Bucharest face political interference as a result of reforms. Researchers in Romania are stepping up protests against controversial government science reforms. Hundreds of scientists at leading research institutions say they will refuse to sit on national panels that assess and award grants, after the […]