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  • Stethoscope Money

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    Finance Careers Focused on Healthcare are Booming

    If you think careers in the field of finance are limited to having jobs in manufacturing and other more “business” like companies, then it’s time to widen your perspective and look beyond the business districts. Finance professionals like accountants, auditors and finance analysts are needed in every field, including, and perhaps even more so, in […]

  • Freelancing Dude

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    Ever Consider Freelancing?

    Be your own boss! Make your own hours! Do it your way! Wear what you want. Does your current job have a dress code? How does sitting in your pajamas all day sound? What about just spending the day wearing your favorite pair of worn out jeans and that T-shirt your grandma brought you back […]

  • Serious Man Finance

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    Careers: Accounting & Finance

    Career opportunities in accounting and finance are endless. This is because when you have either a CA or CPA license with you, it is possible for you to work for a large firm that has offices both here and abroad. Given that every company needs financial professionals, if you are good, it will not be […]