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  • Satellite Over Earth

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    Satellite Radio 101

    The entertainment industry is dynamic and lucrative, and satellite radio has recently captured a large audience. Audio entertainment products are highly popular today and there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to having good music in your car: kicking it old school with a CD player, MP3 player, iPod or the good […]

  • Girl Orange

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    You are What You Eat

    You have certainly heard this expression many times, “You are what you eat.” Have you ever really thought about what it means? And do you think about it when you’re making food choices? In some ways, we do become what we eat, literally. Have you ever seen an example of your blood plasma after eating […]

  • Couple Arguing

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    Is your marriage in trouble? 5 Quick Tips to get Back on Track

    After few years of marriage some conflicts between couples may arise and married life may become stressful. How will you come to know that your marriage is in crisis. There are some obvious reasons responsible for disturbed married life such as financial problems, difficulty with children, infidelity, alcohol abuse, health issues, major life changes, problems […]

  • Vitamins White Background

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    Multivitamin 101

    A multivitamin is a supplement that you can take that has many different types of vitamins and minerals in it. It is important because if you don’t have time to be taking all of the separate vitamins, you might not be getting all that you need. If you are able to take a good multivitamin, […]

  • Hypnosis Watch

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    A Brief History of Hypnosis

    Evidence of hypnotic-like phenomena appears in many ancient cultures. The writer of Genesis seems familiar with the anesthetic power of hypnosis when he reports that God put Adam “into a deep sleep” to take his rib to form Eve. Other ancient records suggest hypnosis was used by the oracle at Delphi and in rites in […]

  • Shoving Junk Food in Mouth

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    Just the Tips: Food Addiction & Weight Control

    Is it possible to be addicted to food? How can you be addicted to a substance you have to consume to stay alive? Yes it is. When scanning the brain of a food addict thinking about food, the scan shows changes nearly identical with the brain changes of a drug addict or alcoholic thinking about […]

  • Gas Pump Road

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    Ease Up on the Gas Pedal and Save $$$

    Everyone is frustrated about the continued price hikes for gasoline, but there are very few concrete answers or solutions to the problem. At this point in the game, many drivers are looking for ways to alter the only thing they can truly control, which is their own personal gas consumption. Luckily for thrifty drivers, there […]

  • Healthy Carbohydrates

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    Love’em or Hate’em, Carbs will be Carbs.

    Not carbohydrates are all good or all bad. No food is truly bad or good. Carbohydrates and food items simply cause different things to happen in your body when you eat them. It is better to think of carbohydrates as whether you should eat them or avoid them, as opposed to them being bad or […]

  • Money Roll Tied

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    Budgeting Basics Part V: Stay Strong

    When you have finally constructed a complete budget for yourself it is important to make a hard copy of it. As a matter of fact you may want to make several hard copies. This is because you need to look over your budget on a regular basis. This will not only help you to stay […]

  • Baby Stink Face

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    Organic Food & Babies

    Are you interested in improving your health and the health of your family? If you are, there are a number of steps that you can take and a great way to get started is by eating organic foods. There are a number of benefits to eating organic foods and one is that you are eating […]

  • Retirement Couple RV

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    An RV Retirement?

    In the 1960s, when many who are now entering retirement age were youths, a movie called Easy Rider made quite a stir. It was the story of two young men riding motorcycles across country to discover America and enjoy the freedom of unrestrained travel. The song that got most associated with that movie was called […]

  • Healthy Fats Heart

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    The Skinny on Fats, Carbs, Sugar & Salt

    Fats and carbohydrates are two building blocks of a healthy diet, but many people do not understand their role in proper nutrition. While the daily intake of fats and oils should be limited, these elements are still a vital part of the diet. The key is to make smart choices when it comes to fats […]