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    Budgeting Basics Part V: Stay Strong

    When you have finally constructed a complete budget for yourself it is important to make a hard copy of it. As a matter of fact you may want to make several hard copies. This is because you need to look over your budget on a regular basis. This will not only help you to stay […]

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    Melting Ice in Glacier National Park

    Story Source Astonishing: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers. The flowing sheets of ice scattered throughout the Montana park shrank by more than a third between 1966 and 2015, according to new data from the United States Geological Survey and Portland State University in Oregon. Using aerial and satellite imagery, researchers traced the footprints […]

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    What Ten Million Simulations Tell Us about President Trump’s Chances of Achieving 3-Percent Economic Growth

    Story Source What Ten Million Simulations Tell Us about President Trump’s Chances of Achieving 3-Percent Economic GrowthJason FurmanPIIE, May 23, 2017 President Donald Trump’s budget is premised on the projection that the United States will be able to raise its long-run economic growth rate to 3 percent a year. This rate allows the budget to […]

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    Barrons: Who’s Afraid of Amazon? 9 Surprising Retail Winners

    Story Source Interesting, from Barron’s: Creative destruction has defined the retailing business since the moment after its birth. Today it bears the face of Jeffrey Bezos and the name, the internet-based retailer Bezos founded in 1994 that changed the way America shops, and even lives. As Amazon has grown into a behemoth, traditional retailers […]

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    The Evolution of OTC Derivatives Markets

    Story Source At the N.Y. Fed: The Evolution of OTC Derivatives MarketsNina Boyarchenko, Or Shachar, and Jacqueline YenLiberty Street Economics, May 12, 2017 The 2007-09 financial crisis highlighted weaknesses in the over‑the‑counter (OTC) derivatives markets and the increased risk of contagion due to the interconnectedness of market participants in these markets. As a response, the […]

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    MIB: Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist at A16Z

    Story Source This week on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we sit down with venture capitalist Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen has embraced blogs, Twitter and podcasts to educate entrepreneurs about their industry. This is de rigeur among venture investing, but no firms seems to have embraced it as aggressively as A16Z. About that: A16Z, as its […]