Lowering Costs on a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Cooking Budget

In many family budgets, one of the biggest food expenses is often meat. So in theory at least becoming a vegetarian should be an outstanding financial maneuver. In theory, if all you ate was rice and vegetables, you should be able to live for very little.

But theory and reality are often far apart from each other. Because the culture of vegetarian living has developed so many high quality foods to fill the gap left behind by a good steak or a plate of barbecue ribs, you can spend as much or more on your vegetarian lifestyle as you did when you were a meat eater. The high cost of living, as a vegetarian is not entire attributable to gourmet foods however.

The truth is if you are going to live in day in day out and month in month out on a vegetarian diet, not only do you need some high quality foods to substitute for taking a whole food group out of your diet but you also need variety. The quality is needed because it’s your health on the line if you don’t get the proper nutrients. The diversity is needed because if you get bored with the vegetarian lifestyle, you may quit and give up. And nobody wants that.

Another reason that the cost of vegetarian eating is often higher than a “normal” diet comes from the fact that vegetarians are still in the minority. So prepared vegetarian foods and vegetarian only restaurants are rare. And to be able to make a profit, these specialty stores must charge a lot because they are specialty stores. Unfortunately, even though we see the vegetarian community as a supportive one, if you are going to be able to afford the vegetarian lifestyle, you are going to have to learn to cut costs.

Cutting costs means eliminating shopping at “boutique” vegetarian markets and no more eating out. Or at least it means cutting down on the eating out significantly. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at farmers markets or grocery stores that are just as valid as vegetarian options as any you get as a specialty store. Using a good food processor and other means, you can chop, dice, boil and puree just about any kind of vegetarian meal that you might be able to imagine getting in a restaurant and at a much lower cost. Not only that but the leftovers can go into a compost pile to make fertilizer for your garden when you can grow your own vegetables next spring.

That “grower to consumer” market that often surfaces as a farmer’s market is a great way to save lots of money also because you are buying your produce directly from the farmer and you cut the grocery store out of the loop entirely. One way to make sure you capitalize on every opportunity to buy inexpensive produce is to work as a community. Get about a dozen vegetarian families working together to always be on the lookout for a great buy. One might find a small farmer’s market or roadside stand that is selling produce far below grocery store prices. Another might find a farmer who will basically give his food away just to clear the field. With some coordination, you could field an army of vegetarians to grab those bargains while they are fresh and stock everybody’s kitchen with low cost fresh produce.

These are just a few of many ways you can save money on your vegetarian groceries and still have just as much quality but with less cost. By shopping smart and shopping for bargains, you can live the vegetarian life and feel good about it, because you are not only healthy, you are smart.

3 Most Popular Home Remedy Ingredients

Baking Soda Vinegar

Here are 3 of the most popular household items that are in a variety of home remedies:

1) Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar would have to lead the pack amongst most popular home remedies. This is something that is used in a very large assortment of home remedies and never fails to get the attention of most people who are citing off their most popular remedy. The usages for apple cider vinegar are enormous; they can range from helping to control allergies in almost everything from pets and even foods, to helping to reduce the occurrence of sinus infections. There are even some claims that apple cider vinegar can work to reduce the occurrence of fatigue, acid reflux, sore throats and more. As you can imagine, this is something that you should always keep in your house so you are fully prepared for a new home remedy.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is another quite common home remedy that is extremely effective. Using it can do anything from treat and clean wounds, to clean out excessive earwax. Additional usages can even include using it to help build stamina and also prevent the flu. This is not something that is well known to most people, but the massive amount of hydrogen peroxide uses in home remedies combined with it’s price makes this one of the most cost effective home remedies available today.

3) Baking Soda
Baking soda is another hugely popular home remedy. Taking advantage of the ability to use baking soda in a wide variety of remedies will allow you to really reap a lot of benefits from this product. A small amount of baking soda mixed with some water makes a fabulous facial scrub. Other usages include treating stains, cleaning teeth and even killing bacteria. Baking soda is great for helping to avoid some of the problems that are otherwise associated with stains, smells, acne and problem skin as well as also treating bacteria.

Putting together the perfect home remedy is not always easy to do, but there are some ingredients that are extremely diverse and effective in treatments. Start out using home remedies with these extremely effective and simple, then as you increase your confidence, try more advanced remedies that are not always quite so common. This ability to get started with something successful will allow you to know how much fun you are having venturing into the world of home remedies, without feeling as if you are completely in over your head.

Home remedies can be fun and quite successful, starting with these three extremely popular items as they make for a perfect starting point for anyone. From the simplest remedies for skin to those that help to prevent and treat the flu this is a great set of versatile ingredients.

Cheap Home Remedies

Cheap Mustard

With any home remedy, it is extremely important that you understand thoroughly what is involved before you actually get started.

Many remedies that might seem to be cheap are actually really expensive, and others that can seem extremely pricy are actually really cheap. In order to actually determine if a home remedy is within your budget you need to first start studying the actual supplies that are called for, but have no fear. Most home remedies are extremely reasonably priced and you can typically find the supplies already around your home.

For the majority of home remedies there will be a few items needed. A basic toolkit will be highly effective in ensuring that you are well prepared for any home remedy that you need to attempt. Some of the most common household supplies work well in most home remedies and can be easily purchased for a very reasonable fee. Never buy anything that you are unfamiliar with and just start mixing, this is particularly true in the event of some household chemicals since you may accidentally create a massive dangerous science experiment in your own house.

One of the most common problems that occur is the presence of a burn of some sort. Most people when they have a burn will reach for a bottle of expensive gel; this is intended to help relieve the pain of the burn and sooth the skin. However, there is a much cheaper alternative. Your first choice is to start looking to items such as Aloe Vera plants or even within the kitchen such foods like mustard and even milk are wonderful to help. Most people will tend to avoid mustard though due to the color changing that can occur from prolonged usage, however it works wonderfully in a pinch.

Baby Powder
Baby powder to help absorb excessive sweat as well as soothe chafing skin. This is something that is extremely common especially amongst younger children and is frequently continued on until the child is grown. Most adults do tend to forget about this particular home remedy until they are reminded. Ensuring that an ample supply of baby powder is in the house is typically quite effective in ensuring that there are no problems or complications with a rash or chafing that is unexpected.

Acne is a problem that many adults battle for years. To combat it cheaply, using simple toothpaste at nights is extremely effective. The active ingredients in the toothpaste will work to dry out the acne sore and help to clear it up in just a couple of days. In contrast, most acne treatments are extremely expensive and can require a large amount of money as well as time invested into the treatment plan in order to even begin to see improvements. This is not a process that is always effective for all skin types, but it is still possible to produce at least minor improvements.

Your Fingers
The absolute cheapest home remedy that you will find is for headaches, it involves nothing more than your own hands. Millions of people swear by using acupressure to help relieve the excessive pain of headaches. In order to obtain the full benefit it is important to take the time to carefully learn where the pressure points in the hand are. As long as you are clear on the location of the pressure points in the hand you should have great success using this method. It is also important to realize that knowing the correct amount of pressure to use is also vital to knowing the actual placement. With these two key pieces of knowledge, relief from your next headache could be only moments away. There is no reason to suffer any longer from excessive headaches; a free solution is readily available.

As you can see, there are several things that you would typically keep around the house. Some are common remedies and others are much less popular but they are all extremely affordable and work well to ensure that you are getting the best benefits possible for yourself and your wallet.

Work Your Job, Don’t Let Your Job Work You: Career Control

Stop Dominoes Falling

For some of us, improving our personal life is finding a new career. If we are working in what we love to do, that rubs off on the way we view things and gives us a better perspective on life. You have to consider the many ways of success we can practice to become a well-rounded person finding his or her dream job. You have to believe in you and what you want. Make it your reality.

With a solid plan, whether to change jobs or start a new business can become a reality. You should never let the fear of change stop you from achieving something that you really want. New is overwhelming for most of us, but if you take time out to research and do proper networking, you will find the transition will be less stressful.

Try to find a career you love.

Whether you’re in mid career, a student, new to the work force, or an entrepreneur, it gets difficult to gain satisfaction and to achieve your full potential when you are stuck doing something that you hate. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, so why not do something that you at least like doing. Keep in mind that doing what you like is often complicated but if you would like to improve your personal life here are a few steps:

Decide why you want to change careers:

It is important to know whether you are moving away from something or moving towards something. It is difficult to identify your ideal job when negative issues overwhelm you from your current position. If you are making a career change, keep all of your options open to make a fresh start.

What are your goals?

Write down your typical routine on a typical day. Next, highlight what it is exactly that you actually enjoy or do not mind doing in your typical daily routine. Then analyze those aspects, such as your work schedule, the positions and tasks, your salary, your level of responsibility, etc.

Take everything that you have analyzed about your current situation and now make an ideal situation that is achievable. Create a daily routine that you would actually enjoy, create a schedule that you would enjoy, then a responsibility list that you would like to handle, and finally a salary for you to strive for. Continuously write these goals in a notebook or journal and start forming your ideal position.

Identify your interests.

Your interests do not mean this should be your new job or business, it is just the beginning of self-exploration. The key is to identify what truly interests you and how you can incorporate those interests into the work field. What are your favorite hobbies? What books do you like to read? What sections of the newspaper to you turn to first? What are your favorite television shows? After keeping track of this for a week, you should discover a trend that should narrow down to two or three topics of interests.

What are your abilities?

Write down a list of abilities that come easily to you. By doing something that you’re good at will not only greater your chance of succeeding, but give a sense of satisfaction to your work. You will find that you have hidden abilities. Once you pull up those hidden abilities use them, see how you like them and put them to good use.

Many people walk through life failing to realize who they are and what they are capable of doing to its entirety. Do not be afraid to learn who you are. It will take some time. It took me over thirty years, but it was well worth the trial and errors made along the way to learn who I am.

Remember to remember.

Many people have difficulty remembering. This is a common problem; do not let it get you down. Take action to improve your memory. Walk along the jungle lane of memory and explore what is in your mind. There are many proven systems to help you improve memory from exercise, diet, and sleep, to training systems, games and a good organizational system of habits and rituals.

Take one step forward everyday and the journey is underway.

Day Trading Basics: Just the Tips

Day trader Money

Reports of people making huge gains in stock markets are the success stories heard around the world. So obviously this has attracted many first time investors to the stock market.

Day trading is one of the systems gaining in popularity with investors, but, day trading is riddled with risks. Though you can make huge gains in day trading, you are also likely to lose huge money.

However, if you have the need to give day trading a shot, here are some basic tips to get you on your way:

What is a “Day Trader”?

A person who actively participates in the stock market, buying and selling many times a day to exploit inequalities and make quick profits.

1) Study Basic Market Systems

Study the basics of the system like the working of the market, which way the stocks will move, the long and short calls, and the time to buy and sell, along with learning to take care of the profits while reducing the losses.

2) Utilize Trading Simulators

Since mastering day trading is a time consuming process, use the trading platforms and simulators available on the trading websites before you actually start.

3) Accept Losses

Do not let the thought of losses scare you, realize they are a part of the game.

4) Minimize Losses

Pay attention and minimize your losses through good decision-making and methods like stop orders to reduce your losses.

5) Manage Your Profits Wisely

Once you have earned your expected profit and fulfilled a plan, stop trading. Do not enter into unnecessary high risk trades to ride a string of good luck and blow your profits.

6) Limit Risk

If the market does not meet your expectations on any particular day, do not try to force success, stop trading and regroup.

7) Avoid Extremes

As your experience in day trading increases, you gain the ability to foresee the direction in which the stock price moves. But do not go for the topmost or the lowermost stocks.

8) Patience is Key

If you find it difficult to decide how the market is swinging, do not trade be patient and find an opening.

9) Collect Data

Maintain records of your results when trading. This will allow you to learn the things, which are effective, as well as ineffective.

10) Imitate

Look to great traders; learn their buying and selling tactics. They usually sell when there is good news and buy when there is bad news, try to identify their patterns and information sources.

11) Check Your Heart at the Door

Do not get emotionally involved in trading; stay cool aloof and professional.

12) Develop Instincts

Develop good instincts and then Rely on your instincts. Depending excessively on the analysis means missing out on some good trading chances.

13) Learn Professional Strategies

Keep reading and soaking up information, learn and use top strategies that the big dogs use.

14) Start Small

Concentrate only on select stocks. Focusing your attention on multiple stocks will make it difficult for you to track the movement of each stock.

15) Read 24/7

Never stop reading. Anything associated with trading and the companies involved, read it. Never stop reading and accumulating data in your brain!

Boiled Frogs & Self-Help Blogs

Skater Chika

When we look at a certain object, a painting for example, we won’t be able to appreciate what is in it, what is painted, and what it is all about it if the painting is just an inch away from our face. But, if we try to take it back a little bit further, we’ll have a clearer vision of the whole artwork and things start to make sense (unless it is a Jackson Pollock of course, lol).

We reach a point in our life when we are ready for change and the information that will help us unlock our self-improvement power. Until that point, something can be staring us right under our nose but we are unable to see it. The only time we think of unlocking our self-improvement power is when everything falls apart and life sucks. Let’s change this ridiculousness.

Take the frog principle (Metaphorically Please!):

This is a visually graphic metaphor for teaching purposes only and should never be performed in reality, pre-warned… Take a live frog, we will call him, “Kermit” and place the frog in a pot of boiling water. What happens? He twerps! He loses his mind and he jumps out of the pot, alive and in severe pain! Why did that happen? Because he is not able to tolerate the extreme sudden change in his environment, the water temperature was ridiculously hot and it freaked him out.

Now, try the same experiment with a second frog, make sure subject has not conspired with the first subject in an attempt to skew your data. We will call the second subject “Smacks”. Place Smacks in lukewarm water, just the way he likes it and then turn the heat on, at a low level. As the water increases in temperature Smacks does not realize the temperature is increasing until it is too and he has succumbed to the Jacuzzi like many drunken frat boys, a boiled frog.

Like it or not, people are like Smacks by nature. Today, Sofia thinks Emilio hates her. Tomorrow, Maria walks up to Sofia and tells she no longer wants to be friends with her. Sofia, says, “Good, I don’t need you or your broke self hanging with me anyways.” Sofia blames Maria, she does not take the time to analyze the situation and remains the same, and she does not care about what her friends say. The next day, she learned that Jermaine and the guy they call, “Android Carl”, are also no longer talking to her. Sofia still doesn’t get it… She is a B***h! According to Android Carl, sometimes he does not seem human at all and can operate without a compassion filter. To be alienated and isolated hurts, Sofia is now worried and starts to assess the situation and she has now also reached the conclusion that she treats people very poorly and it is a bi-product of her feeling very poorly about her self.

People can be very self-conscious and are very fragile when opening up, it is hard, but it can be a very fulfilling feeling to take control of your life and emotional self.

Sofia has determined it is time for some self-improvement!

We often learn our lessons when we experience pain. We finally see the warning signs and signals when things get rough and tough. When do we realize that we need to change diets? When none of our jeans fit and the Muffin Top is out of the oven. When do we stop eating candies, chocolates and smoking meth? After our teeth fall out of course. When do we pray to sweet baby Jesus and ask for help? When we realize that s**t just got real and we are in trouble.

The only time most of us ever learn about unlocking our self-improvement power is when the whole world is crashing and falling apart. We think and feel this way because it is not easy to be proactive and change and change becomes a lot more painful when we ignore it.

Change will happen, like it or not. There will come a time when the Beliebers start beliebing in another cute little tyke and Justin Bieber is just another Dancing with the Stars contestant. It happens… At one point or another, we are all going to experience different turning points in our life and we are all going to eventually need to unlock our self-improvement power, not because the world says so, not because our friends are nagging us, but because we realized it is for our own good.

Happy people do not simply accept change, they don’t post every daily difference to Facebook for peer validation, what they do is, they hit change head on and embrace it. Do not wait until you feel some tremendous heat before realizing the need for self-improvement. Unlocking your self-improvement power means unlocking yourself, free yourself from your self-imposed cell, do not make excuses for yourself, do not fear and resist change. We have learned from Franklin Delano Roosevelt “Only thing we have to fear is, fear itself.” Should have been named Franklin Delaknow Roosevelt. 🙂

Your mind has the power to be programmed just like a computer. Let’s make this simpler, like a phone, you can program your mind like a phone, program it just like a Samsung Galaxy and then you too can achieve explosive results.

Self-improvement should be baked into your life, something should always be cooking, take some time to realize, accept and process this with a plan. Start small do not overwhelm yourself and take baby steps the future better you.

Changing your outlook allows you to look at things in a different point of view; we might have greater chances of enjoying the whole process instead of counting the days until we are fully improved, and it is a journey not a destination. Three sessions in a week at the gym would result in a healthier life, reading books instead of creeping high school friends will shape up your brain, then interacting with friends and peers live will help you take a step back and unwind.

There are simple steps to get started, once you address the situation and stop sedating yourself when the going gets tough you will start enjoying again. The whole process of unlocking your self-improvement power will just start happening and evolving, you will realize you are at a new beginning, a road to happiness.

Self-improvement may not be everybody’s favorite word, and we all understand the power of marketing, so maybe it is time we rebrand the term self-improvement.

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Reduce Stress: Live Longer

Elderly Man Woman Wheel Barrel

People are often unaware of what stress can do to their body and mind. Stress is bad for the heart. Stress will give you headaches, or make you feel depressed. Stress can do many harmful things to your body and mind, yet in some instances stress is good. Balancing stress is the key to living healthier.

If you live with unhealthy stress, you will need to take action to reduce the volume. You have many options to relieve stress.

Where does stress come from?

Stress develops from many different things. For instance, bills can cause you stress. Not paying your bills on time due to lack of funds can cause stress. Not having a job or kids can stress you out to the max. In addition, bad relationships can wear on your nerves.

What can you do to get some relief from stress?

Some of the things that may help you to find relief from stress include reading a good book. Wrap yourself up in a warm blanket or cool area depending on the weather and enjoy a good book. Writing is one of the top keys that help you to reduce stress. When you are overloaded with stress, write down your feelings, emotions, thoughts and so on. Writing is a great exercise, put it to good use. Avoid overdoing it, so that you learn to enjoy writing rather than feeling frustrated at the thought of writing.

You could also enjoy a nice hot, bubble bath. Add some candles around the tub, soak and enjoy. There are many ways that people can find relief from stress; you have to decide on the best way for you to find that relief. Go with whatever works best for you.

If you cant find a way to do it on your own perhaps you can visit your family doctor, a counselor, friend or family member that will guide you to reducing your stress. Support is a great tool. Build up a support group that helps you live healthier, rather than wearing you down.

What does stress do to my body?

Stress will do a lot to your body if you let it. It will control your emotions, thoughts, actions, behaviors, bodily functions and so on. If you allow stress to control you, it will bring you down to nothing, making you feel worthless. Stress can do a lot of damage to your body as well as your mind.

What can I do so I am not so stressed?

Minimizing bad habits can reduce stress. Try paying your bills on time if possible. If you cannot pay your bills on time due to insufficient funds, pay enough to avoid shut-off notices. You may want to setup a budget so that you spend wisely. Help is only a phone call away as well. Pick up your phone book, talk to people in your area, etc., since you just may find money available to help those with low-income pay bills.

Another good way to avoid stress is to stay away from those who drag you down. If you have friends or family members feeding you negativity, let them go and find positive friends instead. Sometimes tough love is our way of saying, I’ve had enough.

In addition, you can learn to eat healthy, exercise and put away those things that wear on your health. For instance, if you smoke, drink excessively, use drugs, etc., you are wearing heavily on your nerves. Put these things behind you if possible; otherwise seek help to put these things behind you. You have many options; check your resources to learn what is available to you.