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  • Money Savings Shopping

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    5 Simple Money Saving Shopping Tips

    Efficient shopping can definitely help you save money to get yourself those much deserved perks in life, like going on an exotic vacation, getting that new SUHD TV or just putting a little extra into your 401k. But, how can you save money without spending a lot of time? Here are 5 great money saving […]

  • Politics Scrabble

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    What Are Politics?

    We All Use Politics in Our Everyday Lives What are politics? The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines politics as, “A: The art or science of government.” This is the pure, all-inclusive definition. “B: The art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy.” This definition includes the activities of the President, Congress, the lobbyists, the […]

  • Fit Asian Woman

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    Oriental Diet Secrets – Get Thin Now!

    Oriental diet secrets to get thin are all around us if we just look. Customers in my Skinny Asian Diet program are usually shocked at just how painless it is to get lean fast, even right after child birth, by applying the same basic primary techniques that Asian women have for thousands of years. Let’s […]

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    What is a 401(k)?

    Simply put, a 401(k) is something that can help you save money for retirement. There are a few differences depending on exactly which system you have but the general idea is that you get a 401(k) account from your employer. Typically, this happens when you start working for a particular company but if you don’t […]

  • Spin Doctors Traffic Sign

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    What is Political Spin?

    Put simply, it is what you hear on the news on a daily basis. Everyday, one political candidate is spinning things in their favor, often at the direct expense of the other candidate. Politicians that are already in office do the same thing. They put a spin on stories that makes it sound like they […]

  • Couple American Flag

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    Political Polarization in Relationships

    Having compatible views and opinions on how to live your lives is an important part of making a relationship work. After all, when you’re always on the same page about your lives and the world around you, you don’t have too much to argue about in the first place. But for most relationships, that’s a […]

  • Social Engineering

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    Tackling Social Engineering with Professional Assistance

    Issues concerning social engineering are everywhere. Every computer owner, be it a business entrepreneur or a layperson, faces the threat of their machines getting hacked. Also known as human hacking, it is a procedure that allows a person to hack into someone else’s computer and manipulate the existing data. More often than not, they use […]

  • Lose Weight Fast

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    7 Tips for Quick Weight Loss…

    Everyone who has gained those extra pounds would like to find a quick weight loss solution. But is there really such a thing as a quick weight loss solution? The answer is yes. There are several different ways to achieve quick weight loss. Tip 1 The right state of mind must me achieved. Being mentally […]