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  • Heart Monitor Graphic

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    What Causes Heart Attacks and Tips to Avoid Them

    Heart disease is one of the nation’s deadliest killers taking the lives of almost one million Americans each year. Each of us has a different susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, your fitness level and what you eat plays a major role. Approximately 64 million Americans have cardiovascular disease, and here is the shocker; as many as […]

  • Depressed Woman BW

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    Identifying & Acknowledging Depression

    Approximately 10% of the American population suffers from depression. Depression is an illness that affects day to day life and destroys families. It is a disorder that controls the mind and its functions, causing loss of appetite, sleeplessness, mood swings, and a deep sense of despair. The symptoms of depression are varied, the severity changes […]

  • Woman Green Smoothie

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    Detox Diets: What’s up with that?

    A detox diet may sound very reassuring, for it is a fact that toxins are bad for human health. Many detox diets encourage you to eat foods that are natural and organic which, involve lots of veggies, plant based foods, and water. We can all agree this stuff is good for the body, but… Are […]

  • Profit Slot Machine

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    Silly Rabbit: Processed Foods are for Profit

    People talk a lot about the effect our eating habits have on our general health, what we do not discuss often enough is the effect advertising has on our eating habits. Until the advent of television, people simply ate what was available locally, after television, the surging demand for specific products meant that the grocery […]

  • Young Women Selfie

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    5 Quick Tips on How To Look Younger

    The first thing you should do to look younger is to be optimistic and acknowledge that there are good things in store for you, and you deserve good things, it’s all about setting your mind to get to your end. You must value the thought that almost all good things in life are brought into […]

  • Unfit Man Illustration

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    A Quick Look at “The Couch Potato Workout”

    There’s good news for people who want to watch their weight without giving up watching TV. Now there’s a new workout for couch potatoes and people who think they’re too busy to find time to stay fit. With time at a premium, many Americans are turning to creative forms of exercise. In a recent survey […]

  • Stressed Out Dude

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    Manage Day-to-Day Stress

    With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often find ourselves yearning for a quieter, simpler way to live. If your life has come to resemble an endless race to the finish line, try to bring a greater sense of calm and simplicity back into everyday. Stress always goes hand in hand with health. […]

  • Avocados

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    Avocado 101

    Avocados. They’re not just for guacamole anymore. Avocados are also known as Alligator Pears and originated in southern Mexico. Delicious avocados add great taste, lively color and a creamy texture to ordinary dishes, making them extraordinary. From salads, to sandwiches, to pizzas, avocados add that little something special to your recipes. Avocados are in season […]

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    Building Hope: Henry Ford Health System Breaks Ground On Destination Cancer Facility

    Story Source DETROIT, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Joined by patients and donors, state and city leaders, Henry Ford Health System broke ground today on its new home for the Henry Ford Cancer Institute. The Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion (pronounced BRIG-it-ah) will be a destination center for ambulatory cancer treatment, precision medicine, clinical trials and research, […]

  • Brain Scan Gears

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    Brain Maintenance

    Our brain controls so many functions of our body besides being the powerhouse of information; our brain is needed for motor control, visual processing, auditory processing, sensation, and learning. Brain malfunction can be well understood if related to the current technology that is used in computer. The hard disk contains all the vital information of […]

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    Disparity in Hearing Healthcare is Widespread with the Majority Enduring the Devastating Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

    Story Source SAN LEANDRO, Calif., June 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — iHEAR Medical supports the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act of 2017, which was recently introduced in Congress to improve access and affordability of hearing aids. About 86% of Americans with hearing loss, over 30 million people, go untreated, making hearing impairment the most common form of […]