Depression & Heart Disease

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Depression is now considered a major health problem, particularly those health problems related to heart disease. It is now important to recognize that depression is directly linked with heart disease. Depression is an illness that can affect anyone at any time.

Research shows that depression is extremely common with people who have coronary heart disease. Depression is known to increase the risk of further heart problems in people with coronary disease. Depression is a real risk factor for coronary heart disease and is sometimes under recognized, and under treated. Depression once diagnosed can be treated efficiently and reduce further health risks to your heart.

What is depression?
Depression is not only a low mood or feeling sad, it is a recognized and often life threatening illness. People with depression generally feel sad, down or miserable most of the time. They find it hard to do normal activities and functions from day to day. Depression has serious effects on physical as well as mental health. Depression is a very common illness that affects millions of people throughout the world.

What are the treatments for depression?
Exercise programs have been shown to have a huge impact on people with cardiac conditions and light through moderate exercise programs have been shown to have wonderful results for people with the less severe types of depression. However more severe types of depression require different types of treatment and it is important to know then treating depression, there are effective psychological or pharmaceutical treatments.

Psychological treatments look at issues, which relate particularly to people with depression. These include such things as altering negative patterns of thinking or sorting out relationship difficulties.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is to correct the way people think and Interpersonal therapy (IPT) to improve relationships between people. Depression is not a transferable disease and an illness, which needs to be understood more today as so many people throughout the globe are affected by it.

The body is an integrated system and as issues arise they can also cause other issues and disrupt your personal ecosystem. Remember to always seek professional treatment and educate yourself on yourself.

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