Smoking Does NOT Mix with Children

Smoking is much more dangerous for a pregnant woman than any other person because smoking affects your unborn child. If you are planning a family or are already pregnant, then you need to concentrate on the facts related to smoking, continuing will harm your child.

When you take a puff, the smoke that you inhale goes into your baby’s body, it can cause serious damage and even affect their weight and height. A baby’s body needs a great supply of oxygen to survive in mother’s womb and a steady supply of nicotine deprives a baby of consuming their desired share of oxygen.

Studies show the possibility of infant morality is fifty percent higher when the mother smokes than in case of non-smoking mothers.

If you are an expecting mother make sure to kick the habit and give your child the health that they deserve. If you are a parent already, make sure to talk to your children about the dangers of smoking.

Studies show adults often have success in quitting smoking under care of a counselor and/or physician, but this possibility is much less successful when it comes to teenagers. Pre- teen age when we want to try new experiences, whether good or bad. Habits start forming at this stage in life, like smoking. Most of us take our first puff only to boast about it to our friends and later on it becomes a harmful habit.

Here are some steps that can help parents deter their children away from smoking:

1) Monkey See, Monkey Do
Generally a child learns the habits of their parents, if you are a smoker then the foremost step needs to be taken by you. Get yourself free from the smoking habit, if a child sees his parents practicing good habits like eating healthy food then he is likely to follow those good habits. On the contrary if they see their parents smoking, their chance of following increases significantly. Simple verbal deterrents are not enough to convince children, you have to lead by example.

2) Communicate 
Talk to your kids. You can start with explaining the functions of the heart and lungs and how bad habits harm their smooth function. Show them pictures of the horrifying results of smoking related illnesses and insert a mental picture of the possibilities should they start smoking.

3) Appeal to their Vanity
Tell them about the harmful physical effects that smoking leads to like the fact that it robs the face of youthful charm and causes a pale sickly look.

4) Active Lifestyle
Help your child to get involved in sports and active activities, a child should develop an optimistic point of view towards a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Encourage them to make good friends and not to get involved with, “the bad kids”. Do not pamper them when it comes to making good choices, your child should be able to judge between right and wrong so they are able to say no to situations that may lead to bad habits.

5) Spend Time with Your Kids
Spend a lot of time with your children and become aware of their activities. Make sure you really get to know your children and their routines so you can spot when things start to go off in their lives and always make sure to handle them with care.

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