Being Poor Sucks

Poor Redneck

Being poor sucks. That is all there is to it.

Most of us have been poor at some point in our lives and it is an embarrassing feeling that is hard to understand for people who were born with a silver spoon.

Let’s break down the basics of being poor:

1) Food

Everyone needs to eat, and when you can only afford ramen noodles and processed cheesy poof snacks, it is hard to get the nutrition you need and eventually it takes a toll on you physically. Low nutrient, processed foods rot you from the inside out. They are proven to have a negative affect on memory, cognizant thought, emotions, energy levels and your appearance. The physical symptoms of eating cheap unhealthy food are unreal; you will get real ugly, real quick.

e.g. Burger King has 10 Chicken Nuggets for $1.49 – Your wallet may thank you but your body is paying the price and then some.

2) Holidays

You want to give your family nice Christmas presents, but you are kind of limited due to a lack of funds. It really sucks being poor around the holidays when it is the season of giving. No one is looking to kiss the dude without dough under the mistletoe.

3) Toys

When you see something that you like or something that looks fun, you can’t have it, no fun to be had. Use your imagination like a fool, lol.

4) Savings Account

No need to explain.

5) Fist Full of Steel

Making it rain copper is not cool. Going to your local grocery store to use your coin machine to turn your pennies into dollars is not something that makes you look like a baller. Also, the coin machines charge you and many have been caught skimming up to 30% of the money they count like Coinstar. They will make you even poorer.

6) Borrowing Money

It is embarrassing asking for moola, especially when everyone knows you ain’t paying them back. They know it is a lottery ticket where the grand prize is getting their money back.

7) Pity

When you are struggling people often pity the fool and it is hard to maintain your dignity.

Being poor sucks and it is hard to deal with. The world runs on money and when you do not have money you are often excluded.

Life without money is like:

Hotcakes with no syrup.
Koolaid with no sugar.
Biscuits with no gravy.

To be continued…

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