Are Republicans Better Lovers?

Sex Hand Gesture

A lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom? A stiff upper lipper with a loose zipper?

They seem uptight, but maybe you are missing somethin’ good at night coming from the right?

Politics is not the only field where favoring a democrat or a republican can change your life. Love and romance is yet another field where this decision can change the way you live.

Well, the democrats are known to be supportive of cleanliness and calmness and that is why they favor all the government programs pertaining to environment and sweeping. While on the other hand, Republicans, these guys live lavishly. They give the essence of big bad sophisticated boys to the politics and spend their money on robust tech. However, they are the guys with traditional values hard-wired into them. They protect things they love and if you are with one of the republicans, I assure that you will be the last one that will get killed in the next notorious baseless shooting at a shopping mall or a school.

Here are 3 reasons why republicans are the best lovers:

1) They Know Money
They understand the importance of money and know where to spend it. They believe in lowering the taxes so the people can save money and give gifts to each other. Thus, if you are dating a republican, expect gifts (if they are in power). I have never seen a sad face receiving gifts.

2) They Have a Different Standard of Living
Sophisticated and classy are the two words that describe a republican. They always buy the best and look the best. Suits and Batmobiles are their thing and James Bond is their God. However, they are highly religious and pray like a well-mannered kid before going to bed. Next time you see your republican lover praying in the bed, get the hint, nothing happening is going to happen that night.

3) They Love Life
Nothing can keep them down for long. They love life and look at it like a gift. They think and dream a lot. When you are with them, they will always have something philosophical yet interesting to say. They will support your decisions and stand by your side till the end.

With a republican in your life, you have a constant speaker and a constant listener. What else does a human being need?

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