Callista Gingrich could be named Vatican ambassador this week: report

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Callista Gingrich is the Trump administration’s favorite to serve as the ambassador to The Vatican, CNN reported.

Gingrich is the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who served as a prominent surrogate for President Trump during his campaign. 


Callista Gingrich has reportedly been under consideration for the position since January.

A Trump official told CNN Sunday that while the administration has decided on Gingrich for the position, it is waiting for approval from the Office of Government Ethics before officially nominating her. A few of Trump’s Cabinet nominees have withdrawn from consideration after finding it difficult to disentangle themselves from their business ties or otherwise comply with OGE recommendations. 

The administration could make the Gingrich announcement as early as this week, CNN said. The president will meet with Pope Francis in Rome on May 24. 

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