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  • Young Women Selfie

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    5 Quick Tips on How To Look Younger

    The first thing you should do to look younger is to be optimistic and acknowledge that there are good things in store for you, and you deserve good things, it’s all about setting your mind to get to your end. You must value the thought that almost all good things in life are brought into […]

  • Avocados

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    Avocado 101

    Avocados. They’re not just for guacamole anymore. Avocados are also known as Alligator Pears and originated in southern Mexico. Delicious avocados add great taste, lively color and a creamy texture to ordinary dishes, making them extraordinary. From salads, to sandwiches, to pizzas, avocados add that little something special to your recipes. Avocados are in season […]

  • Girl Orange

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    You are What You Eat

    You have certainly heard this expression many times, “You are what you eat.” Have you ever really thought about what it means? And do you think about it when you’re making food choices? In some ways, we do become what we eat, literally. Have you ever seen an example of your blood plasma after eating […]

  • Shoving Junk Food in Mouth

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    Just the Tips: Food Addiction & Weight Control

    Is it possible to be addicted to food? How can you be addicted to a substance you have to consume to stay alive? Yes it is. When scanning the brain of a food addict thinking about food, the scan shows changes nearly identical with the brain changes of a drug addict or alcoholic thinking about […]

  • Healthy Carbohydrates

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    Love’em or Hate’em, Carbs will be Carbs.

    Not carbohydrates are all good or all bad. No food is truly bad or good. Carbohydrates and food items simply cause different things to happen in your body when you eat them. It is better to think of carbohydrates as whether you should eat them or avoid them, as opposed to them being bad or […]

  • Healthy Fats Heart

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    The Skinny on Fats, Carbs, Sugar & Salt

    Fats and carbohydrates are two building blocks of a healthy diet, but many people do not understand their role in proper nutrition. While the daily intake of fats and oils should be limited, these elements are still a vital part of the diet. The key is to make smart choices when it comes to fats […]

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    Game Plan When Dining Out Results in Better Choices

    Story Source JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Veterans know the combination of dining out and reduced physical activity can be bad for the waistline as they transition back to civilian life. But that doesn’t mean eliminating date night. Knowledge and willpower are effective tools for enjoying a delightful, yet healthy, meal. Eating out should […]

  • Chalkboard Intestinal

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    Basic Body Detoxification

    All the wealth in the world is useless if you are not healthy to enjoy it. It is very difficult to enjoy your life if your body is weak and not functioning properly. You may miss out on all the wonderful things offered by our world. Too exaggerated? Not exactly, your health plays a significant […]

  • Fast Food vs Food Fast

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    Eat Food Fast NOT Fast Food

    People use many excuses to give reason to why they are not eating healthy foods. One of the most common of these excuses is that they have no time to worry about choosing the best foods and cooking them for themselves and their families. These people usually grab fast food or take-out instead of healthier […]

  • Vegetarian Portions

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    Vegetarian: Top 5 Nutrient Concerns

    Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets have advantages. Vegetarian diets tend to be rich in antioxidants, certain vitamins, and healthy fats. Non-vegetarian diets, by contrast, tend to contain more protein, iron, zinc, calcium, and unhealthy fats. If are a vegetarian, here is a diet tune up for those in need. It is essential you learn how […]

  • Cholesterol Free Diet

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    Consider a Cholesterol Free Diet

    Do you have a high blood cholesterol level? Do you want to avoid strokes, heart attacks and heart disease? Then you should consider a low or cholesterol free diet. A cholesterol free diet is a type of diet for those who have high blood cholesterol. To achieve a cholesterol free diet one must have a […]